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UAE ship repair industry likely to see strong growth

The ship repair industry in the UAE can expect significant growth in business volumes this year as the country becomes more visible on the radar of ship owners and management companies seeking a variety of services, an industry expert said.

“Dubai will certainly continue to be the major hub for ship repair services. The volume of traffic indicates that leading ship repairers should have their workshops full with a high level of occupancy for the workforce,” said Fazel A. Fazelbhoy, general manager of ship repair company Nico International.

He said Dubai Drydocks continued to act as a magnet to attract large vessels for drydocking requirements and major conversion projects.

While revenues are growing, the rising cost of living in Dubai is also affecting the profitability and competitiveness of labour-intensive industries such as ship repair.

“With spiralling rents for staff accommodation, increases in transfer fees of visas and other increases in costs such as in the transportation sector, profit margins for ship repairers will be under pressure in 2006,” Fazelbhoy told Gulf News in an interview.

“The government will have to address these issues if it wants to be competitive with alternate repair locations like Singapore and increasingly China,” he added.

Within the region, the challenge for the industry may also come from port developments in Oman.

Dubai’s main competitor in drydocking would be ASRY in Bahrain, and to a lesser extent AHI in Ajman. However, for general afloat repairs, Fujairah represents the most attractive alternative in the UAE, according to Fazelbhoy.

He said Fujairah’s strategic location and the emergence of its anchorage as the world’s second largest bunkering location makes it a natural destination for ship repair services. “It is unfortunate however that there are no drydocking facilities in Fujairah as the market is certainly available,” Fazelbhoy said.

He urged leading ship repair companies to rely on current, modern technology and a well-trained safety conscious workforce in order to ensure that repairs are done right.

“There are always the mavericks who start up a ship repair service based on a handful of mechanics or welders but do not necessarily have the depth of expertise, marine knowledge, class requirements or the infrastructure to support extensive repairs,” he said.


Source: Gulf News

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The world’s largest jack-up vessel Seajacks Scylla, has recently visited the Rotterdam Offshore Group (ROG) terminal in the Waalhaven, after her first successful assignment on phase 1 of the Veja Mate Offshore Windpark project.

During the vessels stay at the Waalhaven facility, ROG performed an upgrade on the vessels mooring system. ROG worked around the clock to complete the project within strict deadlines and to the highest quality levels required by the vessel owners and to class satisfaction.

After the upgrade, Seajacks Scylla sailed to Esbjerg where the vessel has been mobilised for the 2nd Phase of the Veja Mate offshore wind farm project which includes the turbine installation of 67 Siemens SWT-6.0-154 wind turbines at the 402MW wind farm.

Seajacks Scylla had already completed phase 1 of the project, installing 67 foundation monopiles at the site located some 95km north west of the island of Borkum in the German exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Each monopile weighs approximately 1300 tonnes, has a diameter of 7.8 metres and each transition piece is over 25metres in length and weighs approximately 360 tonnes.

Veja Mate is a EUR 1.9 billion (US$2 billion) offshore wind project expected to be fully operational by 2018 which will offset over 18 million tonnes of CO2 over the life cycle of the installation.

John Vingoe, Operations Manager Seajacks UK Ltd said: “Seajacks are glad to say that the recent works conducted by Rotterdam Offshore Group, were done in a highly professional and timely manner. Dealing with Martin and his team to upgrade Seajacks Scylla has been a positive experience all round, and we highly recommend their workforce and services. The Port of Rotterdam is an ideal place to conduct works of this kind, given the proximity of quality suppliers and subcontractors, and we look forward to working there again soon. Scylla is now fully engaged in Wind Turbine Generator construction at the Veja Mate wind farm, and the high quality installations committed by ROG have been key to making this happen.

Joost Eenhuizen – Business manager Offshore Port of Rotterdam Authority added: “We congratulate ROG and Seajacks on the visit of Seajacks Scylla to the ROG yard. With more focus and consequently business in offshore wind in the Port of Rotterdam, we expect more jack-up vessels to call our port. Companies like ROG are taking care of a warm welcome to the new type of visitors of the harbor with specific needs for jack-up possibilities and professional (de) mobilization facilities”.

Martin van Leest – Managing Director ROG added: “We were very proud to have this unique vessel at our yard and believe the complete port of Rotterdam was also proud. The level of interest was high and even The Spido tour boats adjusted their route to visit the Waalhaven to see Scylla. Working with the team at Seajacks was a pleasure and we created a real team effort to complete the project on time and to the highest specification. The crew on board really took good care of our employees. This good cooperation resulted in a maximum result possible. We hope to have Scylla back at our yard after she finishes her Walney project.”



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Elmec Marine is one of the leading ship suppliers in the United Arab Emirates. Elmec Marine enjoys an enviable reputation with various ship owners and ship managers around the globe.

Time is shipping’s biggest competitor, thus speed is essential. Therefore Elmec Marine supports electronic trading. We are connected to several e-commerce platforms, like ShipSpares.One. This enables us to cut corners and communicate “1 on 1” with our clients for fastest results and solutions.

We have always kept the pace of developments in the industry, giving us the advantages to continuously adapt the needs and requirements of the global shipping industry. The company’s policies have been developed to establish favorable long-term relationships with its clients. Quality, service, and reliability are provided 24/7 by our dedicated and skilled team.

Together with our spin-off company ShipSpares.one, we can offer our clients a total package in ships procurement. Attractive benefits can be offered if you decide to use a combination of our supply-chain. Communication will be reduced to a minimum, as we have an immediate clear view of your requirements.

Our long-term clientele has gained benefits and advantages of our services for decades and is convinced about its effectiveness.

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